What on earth is an 11+ mock exam?

So you may have seen or heard about 11+ mock exams and thought what on earth is an 11+ mock exam?

An 11+ mock exam sounds scary but it can actually be a really positive experience that becomes incredibly valuable to your child’s confidence and eventual success in their 11+ .

I’ll break it down for you.

Your child comes to see me (I am super smiley and friendly, I promise) on one Saturday morning a month from March – late August. I make them feel really welcomed and relaxed about being in a new place (this year we are in a big bright space at Babbacombe Church Hall in Torquay).

I do my very best to make sure that feel calm and happy during the exam.

I usually wheel out my best Dad jokes in our 11+ exam training session before we start the actual exams. Our 11+ exam training happens 10 minutes before the mock starts. I talk them through how to complete the boxes on the answer sheet, how to align the question paper and answer sheet and lots of tricks to maximise accuracy in selecting the right answer as well as maximising their own efficiency and speed.

Once they feel relaxed and I have got a giggle and a smirk out of them all. We start winding things down into serious, exam mode.

We have a break for 10/15 minutes between the two exams. I roll out the big guns here…. the mighty chocolate hobnob. They all seem to go wild for a chocolate hobnob – I don’t blame them!

We sit the 2nd exam and then we send them out happy to you all. It really is all over for them in a flash.

The hard work then starts for us behind the scenes.

Then we are back in our centre in Torquay where we have an OMR scanner that scans in the 11+ papers. We pop in their date of births and the software standardises their ages. Then we rank order the raw standardised scores and draw the 11+ pass line (just like at the grammar schools).

Hopefully, you’ll see that everything we do mirror the same delivery, marking and ranking of the real 11+.

We then spend a few days producing a 6-page pdf colour coded report that gives insight into each question and visually highlights weak areas that need more work. We share recommended teaching videos focusing on areas that your child needs and I spend lots of time recording personalised feedback videos for each on THEIR performance.

We don’t do generic feedback.

I hate generic.

When the stakes are high for the 11+ and the competition is fierce, you need detailed analysis that is personalised to your child as much as possible.

That is what we are passionate about.

If you still haven’t reserved your 11+ mock sessions (Babbacombe Church Hall – in Torquay) for 2024, you still can – click here!

Why are our mocks good value for money?


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