What are our 30 minute FREE assessment lessons like?

So you may have seen on our website or on our social media posts that we offer a free 30 minute assessment lesson. We have done this since the very beginning as we believe that meeting your tutor and being 100% sure that tuition is right for your child, before handing any money over, is important.

So, what actually happens in one of these assessment lessons? Well, your tutor will meet with you either at home or in our tuition centre at a time to suit you. Depending on the age of your child, we will devise a series of quick assessments that will allow us to get a very quick snap shot of key problems areas that need some support. For example, if your child was in year 4, we would use the expectations for a year 4 child in the National Curriculum to create an assessment.

We would usually do 15 minutes of Maths questions based on what they should have already come across in year 4 at school. If they seem to be doing well, we will increase the difficulty of the questions until we find a stopping point. We will do this all across the Maths curriculum. We may look at fractions, percentages, number operations, shape, data handling etc.

We would then do 15 minutes of English. Usually, we ask for a short creative piece and expect no more than a paragraph of two to be written. We usually give them a range of titles to choose from. They can pick one which they feel that can really show off in!

Once these assessments have been done, we discuss it all with the parents and then put together an individual tuition plan that focuses on 4 short-term targets that we would focus on initially in our 1-2-1 lessons. There is no obligation to agree to tuition at the end of this assessment and you can take this plan home with you!

What do you get from one of our FREE assessment lessons?

  • A chance to chat at length with an experienced and fully qualified teacher about any issues you have concerning your child’s education.
  • Honest feedback and helpful suggestions about what your child needs based on their performance in their assessment
  • A relaxed atmosphere and assessment. Our tutors are positive and supportive. We praise as much as we can in the assessment despite their performance. We subtly skim over any mistakes or gaps so that the child doesn’t feel deflated. Our assessments are a positive experience for parent and child.
  • An individual tuition plan that highlights the area that YOUR child needs. In school they may get generic curriculum targets – we devise targets which focuses on what THEY need.
  • Our tuition plans are reviewed and changed every 6 weeks. So this tuition plan is the first you will receive. After working with your child, we will be able to see how much progress they have made and the next steps required for the next 6 weeks. You will receive a copy of every tuition plan that we create for your child.


We have found that our parents love coming in for an assessment before tuition starts. We also love meeting every family that comes through our doors and showing them just how positive and creative tuition can be. If you are unsure about how well your child is progressing or want to see what we can offer your child, why not a book a free 30 minute assessment lesson with us? You can get in touch with our friendly team through the enquiry form on our website or by dropping an email to emma.walton@rivieratuition.co.uk

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