Torbay 11+ changes 2018

So it is that time of year again, no not the time for New Year Resolutions! It is the time of year when the Torbay grammar schools announce another change to the 11+ in Torbay. We sincerely hope that this is the last change that they will make to the 11plus. There has been a change every year recently.

So what is going to change? 

This year they are proposing to scrap the 30 minute writing test and only test the children using the two CEM papers. Personally, I do not think this is an accurate way of getting an all-round picture of a child’s ability and the writing paper usually gives a wonderful insight into their creativity, vocabulary and intellectual flair that a multiple choice paper cannot always offer. However, if this is what the 11+ format will be for 2018, then we will of course be changing our tuition to ensure that CEM skills will now be the key priority in our lessons.

Is there anyway that you can have a say? 

Yes, there is! The schools are meeting on the 31st of January to discuss this and the schools invite prospective parents to submit their opinions on the change.

Please find a link to the consultation document below:

How will this impact my child’s tuition?

If your child has 11+ tuition with us, then your child has already been preparing for the CEM test. We will simply be dedicating more hours to CEM preparation rather than writing now. Furthermore, in light of these changes, we will plan to slim down our mock exams to suit the new format. We will only be offering the two CEM papers if this change is approved on the 31st of January. If this does happen, we will be reducing the cost of the mock exams to £30 to account for the reduction of the 30 minute writing paper.

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