Meet our Tutors

Emma Walton

Lead Tutor

Emma is a highly qualified teacher with an abundance of enthusiasm and passion for what she does.


Emma has a wealth of experience from teaching in the both the Primary and Secondary sectors, with expert knowledge in 11+ tuition. As well as teaching our primary pupils, she also specialises in teaching GCSE and A Level English.


She has a positive demeanor and approach with all the students that she works with and she uses a vast аrrаy of teaching techniques and styles that аre tаilоred аrоund the individual learning needs аnd styles оf the student.

Matt Tookey

Primary and Secondary Maths Specialist

Whilst being a Maths Specialist, Matt strongly believes that education is about the whole person and that learning should be a fun, enjoyable experience and take place in a relaxed, pressure free zone! He would say that the key to learning is high self-esteem and having the confidence and stickability to take on new challenges. ‘Mistakes are only the footsteps on the learning journey. So, go for it!’


Matt has been in the teaching industry for over 23 years, including 9 years as a Headteacher. He has worked in some of the highest performing Primary schools in the South of England, leading on Maths in both the Primary and Secondary Education Sector.


Matt also love the outdoors and is currently training to be a Forest School Ranger and a National Park Education Guide.

Rachel Hasbury

Primary and Secondary Maths Specialist

Rachel is one of our wonderful Maths tutors. With a Masters in Engineering, Rachel decided to join the teaching profession and taught all levels of secondary Maths for over 15 years in mainstream schools. She is an outstanding teacher who now tutors full time and offers Maths tuition to children in KS1, KS2, GCSE and A level. Rachel’s calm demeanor allows her to explain difficult mathematical concepts in a understandable and structured way.


Her Maths lessons are creative and designed to boost confidence and understanding of how numbers work. Rachel is also in charge of our running and devising our syllabus for our GCSE Maths group lessons that are run at our centre every week. She also runs our GCSE Maths Bootcamps during the Easter holidays which always proves to be a success every year with parents and pupils.

Alan Rowse

Primary and Secondary Maths and Science Specialist

Alan is an experienced and caring teacher who believes that all individuals have the potential to succeed with careful support and patient guidance. He is a firm believer that an excellent understanding of the STEM subjects is important to everyone, particularly with regard to career progression and future employability.


Based on extensive experience, Alan’s teaching and tutoring focuses on ensuring that the STEM subjects are interesting and relevant to the individual learner and meet their personal educational needs.


With 40 years experience in STEM industries and education, Alan is qualified to teach Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry to GCSE plus Physics and Electronics to A level. As a recently retired secondary school teacher and University lecturer, Alan is able to convey his passion and knowledge of the STEM subjects professionally tailored to suit each individual student’s needs.

Stuart Sutherland

Maths Specialist

Stuart is an experienced teacher of Maths and has recently retired from Secondary Teaching.


He has taught GCSE and A-level and has some experience of tutoring Further Maths at A-level.


He believes that everyone can achieve in Maths and loves working one to one where he can tailor the learning experience to the needs of the individual student.


For many students, a lack of confidence in Maths is something that holds them back and Stuart loves to nurture each student’s ability and belief in their ability.

Harriet Anderson

Admin Assistant

Harriet comes from a family of teachers and works in our office part-time.


She is the friendly face that you will see when you come into our reception and helps with the practical side of running Riviera Tuition.

Carla Scott

Primary and 11+ Specialist

Carla is an experienced and qualified Primary School teacher in addition to teaching Mathematics and English Functional Skills.  She has been teaching for over 10 years.


She is enthusiastic and bubbly and loves to make learning fun, as she feels this is the best way to learn!


Her experience in youth work has equipped her with the ability to build good teaching and learning relationships with students.

Sam Choudhury

Secondary English Specialist

Sam is an English tutor who is passionate about his subject. He loves to teach KS3, as well as GSCE and A level. He endeavours to bring his enthusiasm under control, and channels it with a creative and patient approach. He wholeheartedly believes in a personalised learning experience and aims to empower young people by supporting them in taking control of their own learning. He knows that the relationship between himself and the student is the foundation for true learning; learning that encapsulates ambition, achievement, and fun.

He is PGCE qualified as well as having a separate degree in English, and currently works in a specialist school. Hence he has current and detailed knowledge of how to scaffold learning to a variety of needs. Moreover, he is ambitious and very interested in the psychology of learning and is also furthering his professional understanding in such field. 

Nick Garlick

Primary and 11+ Specialist

Nick is a primary school teacher and has extensive experience of working with children of all ages through KS1 and KS2 in schools around Devon. Nick particularly enjoys working with smaller groups of children, as well as teaching on a 1:1 basis, where he is more able to ensure that his teaching is fully aligned to children’s learning needs.


He has a calm and considered approach and has a wide repertoire of strategies to work with children of all abilities to maximise their potential. He takes pride in his ability to motivate children to be more engaged with their learning and so achieve their goals.

Sarah Isaac

Maths Specialist

Sarah is a highly qualified, passionate and dedicated teacher, who has 20 years worth of experience from working as a Maths specialist in a local primary school.


She is extremely skilled at preparing pupils for KS2 SATs and the 11+; she also has a profound ability to make Maths fun, enjoyable and most of all – EASY .


Her talents lie in being able to use a range of teaching styles and techniques in order to cater for the needs of each individual child and allowing them to reach their true potential. Sarah is known for her positive approach with students and her ability to make even the most reluctant student engage and have fun whilst learning.

Suzanne Martin

Primary Specialist

Suzanne is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher, with over 20 years experience teaching all ages in the Primary Sector, including a number of years Co-ordinating Special Educational Needs.


In addition to this, Suzanne has tutored Maths and English to children as young as Reception, up to Year 6 children preparing for SATs and secondary education.She has successfully prepared many children for the 11+ in Torbay and delivers our one-to-one and group lessons for the 11 plus.


Suzanne is a great believer in the importance of learning through enjoyment. She prepares challenging lessons, tailored to the needs of the individual, whilst striving to develop confidence by celebrating all small achievements on the way to a final goal.

Sarah Roberts

Psychology Specialist

Sarah has 10 years experience teaching across different Psychology courses including A Level AQA and OCR, and the Access to HE course. She currently teaches Year 1 and Year 2 AQA. This is her third year of private tutoring and she has had great success with her students over the last two years.


She has developed a huge variety of teaching resources to help students easily access the demands of A level Psychology. She is very able to give support with both learning the content of the course and working on exam technique.


Sarah is also an experienced UCAS tutor and can provide support with writing personal statements, especially for Psychology related degree courses.

Bethany Varndell-Dawes 

Beth has a range of experience working with children and young people across Key Stages 1 and 2, she also has taught A-level students in the UK and abroad in Paris and Switzerland.

Beth is a very creative teacher who loves to incorporate pupil’s interests into her teaching. She has a strong belief that if a child is motivated and enjoying learning, it will build his or her confidence and demonstrate that everyone has the ability to achieve excellence.

She has lots of experience working with children with a range of additional needs, mainly working with children on the autistic spectrum and helping them to engage with their learning in a way which is both fun and informative. Beth can also offer personalised 1-2-1 tuition for ICT, Graphic Design, English, ESL and French.

Sarah Foster 

Sarah has been a qualified teacher for nearly 18 years working with Primary age children. She has experience in both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and has been involved with Year 6 SATs for the last few years.

She is an enthusiastic teacher with a good sense of humour who likes to make her lessons fun and engaging as she believes that children learn more when they enjoy themselves.

She has tutored for many years and has worked with children from Reception up to Year 6 preparing them for SATs and for transitioning up to Secondary school. She believes in using growth mindset to build confidence and helping children understand that although they might not understand something yet it will come with time.

Safana Judge

Science Specialist

Safana is a GCSE and A-Level Science and Geography tutor with a passion for learning and teaching. She has an undergraduate degree in Geography and has undertaken a PhD in geochemistry, applying different aspects of science to her research into our changing climate. She has experience in teaching a variety of ages, from 3 year olds to undergraduate students, which has helped her to develop an adaptable teaching style that she uses to help students reach their full potential. She believes that learning is an individual experience and works with her students to discover how they learn best. She aims to get students engaged in their learning and to make it as fun as possible, encouraging a positive attitude to study that helps students to develop confidence and pride in their achievements.

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