Homeschool Tuition

Lots of parents in Torbay and South Devon provide their children with homeschool tuition. Most find it an enjoyable experience however, others find that they may need a bit of guidance on the curriculum along the way.


Others need support with teaching the more difficult concepts as their child gets older. That is where we come in!


We offer homeschool tuition support to parents in Torbay and South Devon from our tuition centre in Torquay Harbour. Our experienced tutors can offer 1-2-1 tuition for home school pupils during the normal school day.

Secondary homeschool tuition


Home schooling your teenager can be a daunting task as teenage hormones begin to appear! There is also the long-term aim of GCSEs to consider too. We have many secondary pupils who are home schooled with us who are working towards their GCSEs in Maths, English Language, English Literature, History, Geography, R.E, French and Spanish. We are lucky enough to have such a well-educated team of tutors who can teach an array of GCSE subjects to our pupils. The worry of not achieving those all-important 5 GCSE grades in order to access a college course is not a problem.


We use a number of private examination centres in the Devon and the surrounding areas for our GCSE exams. So we teach your child the GCSE course and then you just have to attend the exam – it really is that simple! Again, this lends such freedom and flexibility to the GCSE courses, our students decide what texts they think they would enjoy studying in their English GCSE and they can pick what modules interest them in their humanities subjects.


All homeschool tuition is priced at £28 per hour and can take place in your home or in our tuition centre in Torquay.

Other Additional Services

Home-schooling Consultation


If you are happy to teach your child at home but just need some professional guidance, we offer a consultation service. This can be a monthly, termly or one-off arrangement whereby we put together a half-termly plan for your child. This will consist of National Curriculum targets that have been selected to suit their ability, a week-by-week plan of what should be covered, ideas for extra-curricular links or trips that could be taken to supplement their education.


You will be given a bank of resources to work from and ideas of other books/websites that will make your home school journey easier. We will always be on hand via email to answer any questions you may have throughout your teaching with our plans.


Please enquire for prices for a tailored consultation service. Price is dependent on your requirements

Tuition at home


For those students who are not attending school due to medical or psychological issues, we are often happy to accommodate tuition at your home. We understand that sometimes the reason that a child is not at school is due to the anxiety or challenges that faces them outside of the home environment.


We have two tutors who specialise in SEN education and would be able to come to your house where your child may feel more relaxed and comfortable with the situation.

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