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GCSE Drop In Sessions

Our GCSE Drop In sessions aim to plug the holes in our pupil’s knowledge and arm them with the skills needed for their GCSE exam.

We have found that GCSE Drop-In Sessions are a great way for those students in year 11 to refresh and recap on key areas or to ask questions on specific areas they are unsure about.


How does it work? You simply book as many or as little drop-in sessions that you think your teenager may need. Once booked, you will be sent a drop-in form, where you will need to note down all the revision topics, tricky concepts or difficult questions that your child does not understand.


The drop-in will take place via an online platform, the tutor will join your call and will have prepared material and a lesson to help you on all the tricky topics you have requested.


It is simply an hour of you ask: we answer!


We found these 1:1 sessions work more effectively than the normal GCSE Bootcamps we have been running in previous years, as it is completely moulded around the student. The student knows what they are finding difficult and can ask for help in those areas, rather than doing a generic revision session.



It is your very own intensive revision session.




Meet GCSE Tutors Stephen, Juliet & Mel

What’s involved:


 – 1:1 online private lesson

 – a chance to have a tailor-made revision session.

 – expert teaching from an experienced teacher with knowledge of what is needed to succeed in the exam.

 – a chance to ask questions on areas that are needing some guidance on.


Sessions for 2024 run from mid-April to early June.


Fees (ad hoc no weekly commitment):


£37 for a full hour

£18:50 for 30 minutes

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