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11+ Tuition in Torquay and across Torbay

Here at Riviera Tuition in Torbay, we endeavor to provide professional, personal and successful tuition that will help your child on their way to a brighter and better future.


Our tuition programme is focused on targeting the needs of your child and providing them with the means to progress quickly and with confidence.

If you want your child to gain access to an education at one of Torbay’s highly selective Secondary Grammar Schools, it’s highly recommended to seek the services of a private tutor.


We offer tutoring for Year 4 and 5 students and it’s best to seek the services of a top quality private tutor from as young an age as possible – i.e. from the beginning of Year 4.

Information about the 11+ admissions in Torbay


The 11+ is a statutory exam taken by a child if they wish to gain a place at one of the selective schools within Torbay. The selective papers sat are the same regardless of which school you intend to apply for.

The 11+ consists of:


  • 1 x Maths paper supplied by GL Assessment 1 x English paper supplied by GL Assessment
  • The tests are marked externally by GL Assessment.
  • The scores from both GL Assessment papers are put together to give an overall average score. The children will have to mark their answers on a separate answer sheet. The answer sheet is marked electronically.
  • All scores are rank ordered to fill the number of spaces available at each school. The scores are put together and then the children are rank ordered.


Please download our 11+ info pack to find out more about our 11+ syllabus or hop on over to our syllabus pages to find out more: 11+ Course Content


Check out our timeline guide for the 11+  – dates and deadlines so you don’t miss a beat!


Looking to start your child’s 11+ journey? Try our baseline assessment


Created by our expert 11+ team to give you an idea of how the 11+ works as well as an insight into the standard required. Of course, we don’t expect your child to know all of this right now, that is what we spend a full year working on. Much of what is in the 11+ is not taught in the school classroom.


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Let’s get the ball rolling for your child’s 11+ academic journey!


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