11+ | It’s more than just passing exams

I wanted to quickly share with you why we’re about more than just passing the 11+ exam…

Last year, 90% of our students passed the 11+ exam. And while that statistic speaks volumes, it doesn’t tell the whole story…

You see, I believe in fostering a joy for learning that goes beyond grades and marks. 

Our focus is on:

  1. Building confidence
  2. Recognising each child’s unique learning style
  3. And setting them on a path of lifelong curiosity and growth

The road to the 11+ exam is filled with opportunities, challenges, and personal triumphs, and I’m thrilled to walk this path with you and your child.

Over the course of our 11+ tuition journey, our parents hopefully see how we differ from other tutors.

When you become one of our 11+ parents, this is what you can expect…


Qualified Experts

Our tutors are more than just qualified; they’re specialists in their degree subjects and excel at finding learning paths that engage, challenge, and inspire.


Tailored Learning

One-size-fits-all? Not here. We embrace each child’s unique style, offering group and one-to-one tuition. If you are taking one of our group lessons and don’t have the chance to catch the tutor at the end – don’t worry! Lesson notes will land in your inbox after each lesson giving you a full update on how your child did, what to work on next and most importantly…what homework they have that week! One-to-one students will get this verbally. A personal gateway to our online student world awaits too! 

Bespoke plans, individualised homework, and a personal gateway to our online student world await.


Community Interaction

Imagine a space where your child connects with peers, shares ideas, and grows. Our online portal is more than just a homework hub.


Regular Communication

My emails are packed with revision tips, learning insights, and a sprinkle of homework every now and again. Plus, we’re always just a phone call or email away., seven days a week.


Find out more about our 11+ tuition here!

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