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The nature of the 11+ English paper in Torbay LEA has changed in recent years and naturally the course has adapted to reflect this. The Reading section of the paper is now tested by multiple choice questions and requires a greater depth of attention and analysis from the student.


The Writing section will require pupils to write in a range of non-fiction styles studied in KS2 such as newspaper reports, persuasive writing, formal and informal letter writing, speeches and autobiographical essays.


All of these forms demand a keen focus on the ability to produce writing which is suited to a specific audience and purpose while using a range of appropriate literary and persuasive devices.

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The English course aims to prepare students for the writing paper by focusing on the following:


  • Identifying target audience and purpose.
  • Choosing formal / informal language best suited to the purpose and audience.
  • Using a range of punctuation to shape meaning as well as studying grammar and its application. This syllabus is drawn from the new government Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar test (SPaG) launched for year 6 in 2013.
  • Developing a wide and elaborate vocabulary.
  • Identifying and using literary devices such as similes, metaphors, personification, onomatopoeia, alliteration etc.
  • Developing confidence in writing in a wide range of styles and genres specifically suited to writing styles tested in the 11+ in Torbay.
  • Improving spelling by revising key phonemes used in common spellings, homophones, homonyms and numerous spelling rules.
  • Building key analytical skills in reading tasks.
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