11+ Bootcamp

The 11+ is hard and a lot of the content in the 11+ exam will be unfamiliar to the children. We recognise this and want our pupils to do the best that they can.


Most of our pupils are very capable and just get flummoxed by the wording of the questions or the multi-step problem nature of some questions in the 11+.


We are running 11+ bootcamps over the May half-term to help children brush up on their skills. Since the announcement that the 11+ in Torbay is being slimmed down to two CEM tests and a 30 minute writing paper, success comes down to how well you can work at speed in the CEM test. It is a horrible 11+ test, sadly. However, do not fear! As well as tailoring our teaching to suit this new format, we are also offering some extra 11+ booster sessions during the holidays. These are optional and you can book in for as little or as many as you like. Please speak to us, if you need advice on which areas we think your child would benefit most from.

riviera tuition 11 plus bootcamps

We will be revising everything in the Maths, English and CEM curriculum that could possibly come up in the exam.


Making sure that they are armed with the knowledge to tackle the questions and then revising it all with real 11+ style questions on each topic.


We are offering our cheapest rate of tuition at £20 per 2-hour session, which works out at £10 per hour! These sessions will be taught by our Director and 11+ tutor extraordinaire, Emma.

What is involved?

A bootcamp will be running for English, Maths and CEM skills so you can book your child into whatever sessions they would benefit from the most.


The bootcamps will be run as 2 hour sessions at £20 per child in a small group of 6 children who are all of a similar ability. Children can attend all sessions over the week or just a select few. It is a really effective way of having a crash course of revision a few months before the real thing in September all for £10 per hour!

These 2 hour sessions will run between 10am – 12pm each day and are limited to 6 children per session.

Please see below for more details:


CEM BootcampMaths BootcampEnglish Bootcamp
8th of August:
10am - 12pm

Session will cover:

Non-verbal reasoning skills
9th of August
10am - 12pm

Session will cover:

Number, fractions, percentages and decimals.
10th of August
10am - 12pm

Session will cover:

Descriptive writing and effective planning techniques, improving vocabulary and descriptive details.
15th of August:
10am - 12pm

Session will cover:

Long and short Maths section skills.
Focus on data handling and consecutive questions.
16th of August
10am - 12pm

Session will cover:

Ratio, area and perimeter, volume.
17th of August
10am - 12pm

Session will cover:

Punctuation Masterclass - encouraging the children to use varied sentence construction and punctuation in their writing.
22nd of August:
10am - 12pm

Verbal reasoning skills:
Shuffled sentences, cloze passage, comprehension etc.
23rd of August
10am - 12pm

Data handling, timetables and other tricky data questions that come up in the CEM test!
24th of August
10am - 12pm

Persuasive writing - non-fiction text types.
29th of August
10am - 12pm

Final overview on techniques, tips and tricks for the CEM paper. Timed practice
30th of August
10am - 12pm

Angles, co-ordinates and algebra.
31st of August
10am - 12pm

Content Creation Masterclass:

How to think of your 11+ success writing piece with limited time.
Training the children to think of good ideas in response to questions quickly and how to piece those together when writing.

If you would like to book a place for your child, then please contact our office or fill in our enquiry form to reserve a place for your child.

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